ELFDOLL Annie TPE sex doll
Mixed-blood who has traveled in many countries and is proficient in multiple languages. Her ideal is..
ELFDOLL Lisa TPE sex doll
As the eldest daughter in the family, Lisa is actually quite responsible, and under the cold appeara..
ELFDOLL Yukina TPE sex doll
Born of a Kendo family, her ideal is to be a ninja..
ELFDOLL Amie TPE sex doll
Full of dashing energetic young lady, eagers to take risks and conquer the world, her catchphrase is..
ELFDOLL Chika TPE sex doll
The lady born of famous family doesn't like the education of ladies and girls, loves to play electro..
ELFDOLL Hanaon TPE sex doll
Divorced parents, follow with her father, she has a strong emotion of  "exclusive desire" for t..
ELFDOLL Kyouka simulation TPE sex doll
Unsmiling, with a background of mysterious identity, decisive and handsome when working, strong exec..
ELFDOLL Yoko(4ft 8in) TPE sex doll
Shy excellent student with best academic performance, received a love letter and did not know how to..
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