ElFDOLL is a sub-brand of Ruminasu Joint-stock Corporation which is a new entity doll brand inland created by senior doll fans

In the chaotic doll hypostatic industry,we are an alternative: We do not hesitate to raise the cost to insist to use the material that accords with European Union standard so that the health of our users is guaranteed and safety. We do not hesitate to spend three times labor costs more than the professions to paint more beautiful makeup for dolls

In order to pursue a more perfect body curve, we insist on using the industry's best mold master to create the best mold; Of course, we also strive to achieve the industry's most cost-effective matching doll and at the same time pursuit of high quality.

We do not hope the elf dolls are just for sex function, more hope that the elf dolls can become your soulmate who accompanies in your side.